Who we are


The Estate Agency Perez Santamaria has been running since 1989 under the management of its owner, Mr. Francisco Perez Santamaria, Estate Agent (Agente de Propiedad Inmobiliaria – API) who is member N° 526 of the Official Association of Estate Agents of Alicante and its Province. The organization of our office is divided into various specialized departments which are run by highly qualified staff and directed and supervised by the owner. The actual activities of our organization are stated below: Sale and exchange of all kinds of estate property or the rights over them. Company contribution or any kind of participation of properties and rights. Loans and credits with personal or secured guarantee regarding properties and estate law. Rental of estate property (apartments, premises, villas, industries) for the whole year or for holiday seasons. Assignment or transfer of property rights. Handling, promotion and reports of affairs regarding the transactions mentioned in the above sections and particularly of procedures referring to housing, loans with secured guarantees, backed up by personal property or a mortgage on property, and the purchase of houses or apartments. To make experts’ reports on the market value of all types of properties. The staff working in our organization and who carry out the above mentioned tasks is comprised of the following persons:


Francisco Pérez Santamaría


Ángela Navarro Alvado

Assistant director

Rosa Mª Romero Romero

Commercial Department / International Secretary

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